Galaxy Caravans

The Galaxy Legacy with a New and Impressive Range

The Galaxy name has been in the industry for over 20 years – thanks to Steve Borg. Since then, it has been known as a builder of quality caravans that give value to your money. Galaxy Caravans served people from different walks of life, families, couples, adventurers, travellers and many more. When a new management took over a few years later, Steve, still living by his passion, acquired Galaxy Caravans again.

Through the help of a small group of talented and committed individuals, who helped him in getting the brand back in the market, Steve created a new range of caravans that redefines comfort, workmanship, style, function, quality and caravanning.

From meeting client expectations, the Galaxy team veers off from overpromising and commits itself to delivering above and beyond, with our new Galaxy models and with the services that come with it.

Galaxy Caravans incorporates new technology and features that are based on thorough research conducted by the management with actual and potential customers. Now, our reasonably-priced caravans cater to what people actually want – a different and very much improved caravanning experience.


Our relationship does not end after marking the caravan sold – it is the beginning of another journey that we’ll be happy to take with you. Galaxy Caravans has a dedicated After Sales Team, In-House Customer Service and Warranty Department to help our valued customers all over Australia.

Aside from the unparalleled models that we are proud to have, we also take pride on our trusted dealers, the continuous research and development, upskilling and client communication to make sure that our team is not even a step behind.

Rest assured that you are given access to information, assistance and services round-the-clock. That’s the Galaxy difference you can surely depend on.

Evolution & Innovation, Redefined

Galaxy Caravans’ adventure goes beyond tradition; with evolution comes innovation, and with innovation comes improvement, with improvement we look forward to success.

Our goal is to give you a taste of galaxy adventure every time you embark on a new journey.