Why Choose Us?

The moment you step inside the Choice Caravans dealership you will see the great range of caravans we have put together for you to view and the friendly approach we have towards guiding you to choose wisely.

Our experience in the outback touring style of caravan shows, with a wealth of knowledge on hand to discuss your next journey.

 Paul is a fully accredited and experienced Off Roader who is always willing to share his experience and knowledge for your benefit.

Our Range of caravans are all about quality, performance and manufacturer support.

Retreat Caravans have included a fabulous list of extras on their range, raising the bar even further as a luxury caravan manufacturer with a great range of Dirt Road vans in the Fraser specification and 3 year warranty now available.

JB Caravans would have to be the benchmark for professionalism and most important of all customer service and satisfation with a full 3 year warranty. The range has only increased over the past few years from the Scorpion Sting, Dirt Road Extreme and Gator vans really standing out.

Galaxy Caravans have been around the longest and is a name familiar to most caravaners. Come on in and view the Nemesis true Off Roader and all o fit's many features that make it a big hit.


Visit Choice Caravans for the BEST CHOICE in South Australia


We welcome you to come see, feel and experience Australia's highest quality manufactured caravans - all right here in the one yard.

Our experienced sales staff are here to guide and assist you through your purchase.

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