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Retreat Caravans have just released the perfect van for your next adventure. And the Keppel is absolutely packed with all the features you’ll need out there on the road.

The Keppel sits on top of a G&S Chassis so its foundations are rock solid. Couple it up with a Alko Enduro Outback and you are bound to get a smooth ride no matter where you take it. On the outside of the van, you’ll find a drop-down picnic table, external speakers and a place to put your telly so you can sit back and relax in whichever surroundings you choose. And if all that is not enough for you, you’ll also find out a Dometic slide-out kitchen to complete your outdoor living experience.

Inside and out, Retreat Caravans have been designed with you in mind.

The Keppel

The Keppel

The off-road caravan that effortlessly gets ahead of the off-road pack in every aspect, at any given terrain.

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