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Small Caravans for Sale in Adelaide Offer Exploration of South Australia in Comfort

Looking at small caravans for sale in Adelaide to explore the country?

Travelling by road to explore the country offers the ability to stop along the way and explore areas you were unaware existed, or small towns with local offerings. Camping under the stars in a remote area can be done in comfort. Choice Caravans has been offering caravans to adventurous spirits for over two decades. Our love of the great outdoors means that you benefit from our experience and guidance, ensuring you receive the model that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Small Caravans for Sale in Adelaide

If you require more than a camper trailer can provide as far as comfort is concerned, then a small caravan will measure up to your standards.

  • Small caravans in Adelaide offer mobility to explore while providing protection from the elements, with all the amenities. They come equipped with built-in toilets and showers, offering a more comfortable respite while exploring our diverse country.
  • A small caravan is lighter than larger models which provides increased manoeuvrability and it will wobble less when travelling at faster speeds. A small caravan features a tighter turning circle, so you can get out of that dead end with little effort.
  • Smaller size means lighter weight and less drag, resulting in better fuel economy. By purchasing a smaller model you save money on the caravan itself and have more money to spend on your adventures.

What You Can Expect From Choice Caravans Regarding Small Caravans for Sale in South Australia

For over 20 years we have shared our love of exploring and camping by offering the best caravans at the best prices, while providing quality service that follows you down the road.

  • We honour manufacturers warranties and our full-service repair facility will return your trailer to as-new condition. We work with your insurance company to ensure all repairs are completed to your satisfaction.
  • We have a Certified ALKO electronic stability control installer to make any customisations necessary to meet your requirements and ensure the work is completed in compliance with the applicable regulations.
  • Our inventory offers you options you thought were out of reach. We offer competitive pricing and can deliver your caravan to the location of your choice.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Choose Choice Caravans

We love the great outdoors and have travelled all over the country. Our experiences will point you down roads you weren’t aware of, offering you experiences you weren’t expecting. We provide you the security of purchasing a quality caravan that is backed by a warranty and a team committed to your sense of adventure. Our selection of caravans is sure to meet your requirements for a travel home that goes with you everywhere. Your friends and family will envy your ability to take off and explore without tents or swags, reservations and itineraries.

For more information on our selection of caravans, contact our friendly staff who are ready to assist you on your next adventure.